OHV Swap Meet this Saturday, Sparks

The Nevada 4 Wheel Drive Association is hosting another OHV Swap Meet at 4 Wheel Parts on Sparks on Saturday, 8am-1pm.

The last one went well…


Spots are free but limited to two parking spots.

Bring your stuff or bring cash.

Swap Meet – 4 Wheel Parts: Oct 13th

The Nevada 4 Wheel Drive Association is hosting another Swap Meet at 4 Wheel Parts in Sparks. The date is Saturday, October 13th, 2018.


It’s early but we’re planning on a bigger event than we had on April 25th of this year. This is more of a save the date announcement.


We’d like to have a few people step up and help out. We’re looking for someone, some group or some business to:

  • Run the rock pile
  • Run the RTI ramp
  • Organize one or two food trucks
  • Get a raffle going
  • Post the event on social media: Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Please let me know if you can help out.


Rubicon Ronin


Swap Meet!

The Nevada 4 Wheel Drive Association (N4WDA) is going to hold a 4×4 swap meet at the 4 Wheel Parts in Sparks, NV on Saturday April 25th. The address is 40 Victorian Ave, you can see it from Highway 80.

Bring your stuff and leave with cash. For only $10, you get a single car parking space to display all your treasures.

N4WDA will have helpers on hand as early as 7am to help you set-up. They will also have a booth and will be serving food.

The 4 Wheel Parts RTI ramp and the ‘rock crawl’ area will be open during the swap.

For more information or to sign up, please contact Larry @ (775) 246-3212.

2018 FOTR Meeting

The annual FOTR meeting took place this morning at the Metal Cloak facility in Sacramento.

There was a good turn out; a couple of speakers; elections; food; etc.

Important to the Tahoe Side, Eldorado County is looking to get in to a memorandum of Understanding with Placer County to mange the Placer County portion of the trail. Vickie Sanders, with Eldorado County Parks, has always been there for the Rubicon Trail. She has now formally stepped up to help manage the Placer side.

Let’s hope that goes through.

The agreement would allow Vickie to write a single grant that would cover the entire trail. The debate of why can they do that on their side and we can’t argument would be gone as the trail would be managed by one agency. FYI, the LTBMU is onboard with the new management possibility.

The Rubicon Trail Foundation is looking for a caretaker to manage their property this coming season. I believe I heard it will only be open on weekends June through Sept. This season might bring two cabins on the property which would allow a caretaker to stay throughout the week and keep the property open seven days a week. The property swap agreement to allow a road to the property requires a caretaker in order for the property to be open to the public.

Tahoe side to do were discussed. Priorities are going to be set and volunteers will be needed. Please contact the newly re-elected Trail Boss, Shannon Chard at LaughingPlace76@yahoo.com if you would like to volunteer to work on the trail.

If you did work on the Rubicon within Placer County last year, please document your hours and get them to Shannon or Kansas with Placer County. If you do work this coming season, again, get your hours to Shannon or Placer County. Your volunteer hours count as cash for matching funds the counties need to come up with in order to get grant money.

Work on Cadillac Hill has already been scheduled at the lower Hairpin. Jeepers Jamboree is leading that project.

John Briggs has stepped down from the Tahoe Side Lead position after three years of service. FOTR is looking for someone to take over this position. John and others will be helping out who ever takes on that position.


Rubicon Ronin

Wind drops trees

This week brought the beginning of fall. The trees are changing colors, the temperatures are dropping and the bikini Jeep tops are being swapped out for a full soft top or hard top. Also, a huge wind storm blew across California and in to the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

I was headed to the Rubicon trail and knew it would be windy, so I made sure I had my chainsaw, saw bag and that it was running well before I left the house. I am sure glad I did.

Around 11am, the wind hit. I was out the Long Lake Trail. The great thing the wind brings is a bug free afternoon. Going up Cadillac was a breeze (sorry, easy pun).

I was well on my way home when I came across a down tree west of Miller Lake. It wasn’t blocking the whole trail but I felt large or at least tall rigs might have an issue with it, so I broke out the saw. It didn’t take much but cleared the snag from over the trail and the debris from the trail itself.


Please remember to always wear proper protection when running a saw: hearing, glasses, gloves, long pants, sturdy closed toe shoes. To take it all the way, you should also wear a helmet and chaps.

Feeling like I’d done something positive for the community, I went on my way. It was getting late and it had been a long day. I left the staging area just before 9am and it was now after three in the afternoon. I had a meeting in Reno at 6pm and it was going to be close.

Then I came across another down tree truly blocking the entire trail.


This one was between water bar 14 and 13. It was much larger than the first one, and blocking a wider section of the trail. Out came the saw again. And I cut it in to many manageable size pieces.


The nice thing about a tree that has fallen across an OHV trail is that the tree is usually rotten or extremely dry making it very easy to cut. I pushed the section of tree to the sides of the trail. It may be necessary to further remove the sections from the trail but there is a sizable path between the sections now.


Always go prepared. If you come across an issue like this and you can’t clear the trail, turn around, don’t go around.