OHV Reports (monthly)

As the First Vice President of the Lake Tahoe Hi-Lo’s, I am responsible for keeping our members informed on local OHV issues. So, every month, I prepare an “OHV Report” on the local trails and trails that are important to our club. I am going to publish these reports not only for our members to reference but for anyone interested in OHV trails and issues in the greater Lake Tahoe area.

Below are links to the OHV Reports. They include reports on:

Rubicon/FOTR/RTF (14N34, 16E75, ELD 63)



Barker Meadow OHV Trail (16E76, 16E79)

Barrett Lake (12N77)

Buck Lake Trail (14N40)

Deer Valley Trail (9N83)

Long Lake Trail (16E12)

Middle Fork Tail (15N38)

Richardson Lake (14N39)

Twin Peaks (12N30)

Miscellaneous OHV stuff


Year, Month, Day of Hi-Lo’s meeting when the report was presented:

17_9_26 OHV report

17_8_22 OHV report

17_7_25 OHV report

17_6_27 OHV report

17_5_23 OHV report

17_4_25 OHV report

17_3_28 OHV report

17_2_28 OHV report








16_6_28 Website OHV report

16_5_26 Website OHV report

16_4_26 Website OHV report

16_3_22 Website OHV report

16_2_23 Website OHV report

16_1_26 Website OHV report

No December meeting or report

15_11_24 Website OHV report

15_10_24 Website OHV report

15_9_22 Website OHV report

15_8_25 Website OHV report

15_7_28 Website OHV report

15_6_23 Website OHV report

15_5_26 Website OHV Report

15_4_28 Website OHV Report

15_3_24_Website OHV Report

15_2_24_Website OHV Report

15_01_27 Website OHV Report