The Sierra Nevada mountains can throw any conditions at you any month of the year.

Always travel with others. Carry plenty of food, water, spare clothing and sleeping supplies. For the rig, carry tools, spare parts, recovery gear and enough fuel to get back out.

Ham radios are the way to go on the Rubicon Trail. You can call for help or just chat with your friends, either the ones with you or those unfortunate not to be able to join you because the repeater system can reach out to Sacramento, Lake Tahoe or further.

At one time El Dorado County was under strict water monitoring restrictions that could close the trail during heavy rains or fast snow melt. Bad conditions could close the trail. There is a permanent link on each page of this website on the top of the ‘sidebar’ above the search box to the El Dorado County website conditions page.  Here is a direct link to the El Dorado County website that posts the current trail condition:

El Dorado County Rubicon Trail Condition Updates

Fire Restrictions

Weather at Tahoma

Weather at Observation Point

75 Tahoe Area Webcams

ALERTWildfire | Tahoe

Caltrans live traffic cameras


Seasonal Closures

The Rubicon Trail does not have seasonal closure dates. It is open to year-round motor vehicle use. As vehicles become more capable, they are on the trail earlier and later each season.

Please Tread Lightly! at all times. Soft soil can be easily damaged by inconsiderate drivers.

Forest Service trails do have seasonal closures and those dates are flexible. It is the users responsibility to know the current opening and closing dates for the trail they are using.

The TNF has seasonal closure dates from January 1st through April 24th, for the east side of the forest. This would effect trails like the Long Lake trail, Barker Meadow OHV trail and the Ellis Peak trail.

The LTBMU has seasonal closures from November 16th through May 30th. Along the Rubicon this would be the Noonchester Mine Road, Buck Lake trail and the Middle Fork trail.

The ENF has seasonal closures in place from January 1st through April 1st. For the Tahoe side of the Rubicon Trail, that only applies to the Richardson Lake Trail. On the Tahoe end of the trail this would be the Richardson Lake trail.

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