Tahoe National Forest’s Maintenance Plan for the Rubicon Trail

Here is a link to the Power Point put out by Joe Chavez of the Tahoe National Forest describing the upcoming maintenance opportunities for the Rubicon Trail.



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Highway 50 to close at Echo Summit

The Rubicon Gazzette Facebook page had a posting about road construction on Highway 50 that will restrict and then close the road in September.

One-way traffic control is scheduled for U.S Highway 50 to start, Sunday, Sept. 13 24/7 for bridge demolition work of the existing structure.

Full closure of U.S Highway 50 over Echo Summit is scheduled for Sept. 18 – Oct. 2.

The construction zone will extend from the Caltrans Echo Maintenance Station, east for 1.2 miles.

Here’s the link to the website with the details: https://www.way2tahoe.com/?fbclid=IwAR2_sap8HYLv-16wgCJ3E3P-r00PbDo-Yn4R7iXiJauFmfPSv8ZPq73Mjxw

Please plan accordingly.


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Official Rubicon Bypass – update

The Tahoe National Forest has been back out on the trail to look at the mud hole and the legal and illegal bypasses. Here is a note from Joe Chavez about what was discussed and decided on his latest look at the issue:

On July 29 myself, Will Harris (CA Geological Survey), Vickie and Justin from El Dorado Co. and the Tahoe NF Hydrologist (also the Forest’s Water Quality Act compliance lead and Water Quality Control Board liaison) reviewed the mudhole and bypass, among other items on Cadillac Hill.  The Tahoe NF Hydrologist recommended not reopening the mudhole routes and said that it would be better for the wet meadow wetland ecosystem adjacent to the mudhole area to keep the trail out of the wetter flat area containing weak soils and recommended that the mudholes be restored in a certain way to eventually restore the watertable dynamics negatively impacted by the deep trenches.  El Dorado Co. mentioned that their OHV Restoration Grant could be used to restore the mudholes if that was determined to be the future course of action.  The Forest Hydrologist also recommended adding some specific drainages to the bypass and to add some rock in a few spots. It was also discussed in the field that the Truckee District Ranger will be making the determination on what course of action it will take regarding which route the trail will follow in this area in the short-term, mid-term and long-term (including considering a reroute that would avoid the mudhole area altogether and avoid the potential landslide area above Miller Creek, via an El Dorado Co. OHV Planning Grant).  Carol, please correct me if I misrepresented what you said.

Bolding and italics are mine

So far we do not have a timeline for any work being done in that area. The possible major bypass is years away due to studies and paperwork.


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