Good news, bad news.

The good news is…

On April 1st, the Eldorado National Forest will allow the scheduled opening of its OHV trails that were closed for the “wet” season. The forest has the option of extending the seasonal closure if they feel the trails are still too wet.

Link to the ENF press release

The bad news is…

The only ENF trail that is near the Rubicon on the Tahoe side, 14N39 The Richardson Lake Trail, remains closed due to four sections of the trail not meeting “Standard & Guideline 100” for meadows.


My goal is to work with the ENF and Reno/Tahoe volunteers to get at least the first three ‘meadow’ issues fixed. Optimistically, I’d love to see them open for Memorial Weekend; Fourth of July at the latest. As for the last ‘meadow’, I’d love to see a temporary fix in place before the end of the season. That section will require a reroute and that will take YEARS to finish.


Rubicon Trail reopens!

El Dorado County has reopened the Rubicon Trail.

FOTR will work the problem section this summer to prevent future closures.

Unless there is a heavy rain storm, the trail should remain open.



Trail Conditions…

I was at the lake yesterday and stopped by the Rubicon. See the photo of the week.

The paved section had snow but also two ruts down to the pavement all the way to the staging area.  My 31″ tires had no problem getting me to the staging area but the trail past there was a different story.  I tried to drive up the trail and the ruts became deeper.  A few of the “potholes” in the ruts caused my front end to bottom out.

I turned around before the first climb but that climb was icy and very slippery.  I can only assume there are patches of snow and dirt further up the trail.  There have been reports that Cadillac Hill is dry and that there are some snow berms along the trail.

This time of year the trail is fragile. Please do not drive off trail to get around the snow berms or water holes. These actions will damage the forest and give ammunition to the anti-OHV crowd to use against us to close our trails.

Turn around, don’t go around!

FOTR Annual Meeting

FOTR’s annual meeting will be held Saturday, May 3rd.

Posted on by the Trail Boss, Jerry Reffner:

FOTR Annual Meeting

Its that time again, so we now have a date and place:

Saturday-May 3rd

Start Time: 9am

Place: Placerville 
Construction, DOT Building
2441 Headington Road 
Placerville 95667

The Annual meeting this year will be in Placerville. We are going to incorporate the Adopt-A-Trail training into this year’s meeting. This will also serve as a meet and greet as we will have a lot of new faces.

The plan is to have at least 2 to 3 representatives from each club/organization to go over trail work, the how’s and why’s and the paperwork.

El Dorado County will have their people there to show how to do specific projects and walk them through all the aspects of getting the program up and running.

All members of FOTR should go through this process also, the reason being so everyone will have the same training and in the advent of a club having to drop out FOTR volunteers can step in seamlessly.

There will be the usual discussions on what projects FOTR will be involved with this year both El Dorado County and Placer County, and please bring your ideas of any projects that you see the need for. This is a start of a brand new year, with a brand new Adopt A Trail Program! It should be another record breaking year.

A continental breakfast will be provided before and RTF is going to supply the lunch.

As we get closer to the date, more info will be sent out. And please if you have any questions/ideas or want to have some speaking time, the floor is always open.

Contact for the Adopt-A-Trail is:
Vickie Sanders
Parks Manager
County of El Dorado
Chief Administrative Office

Thanks and look forward to seeing everyone there.

Rubicon closed again

El Dorado County sent out an email this afternoon stating that the Rubicon Trail is again closed from Wentworth Springs to the county line on the north edge of the Rubicon Springs private property.

The Ellis Creek tie is open from Loon Lake to the intersection with the Rubicon Trail.

County link: