LTBMU complaint

Things in the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit are heating up. No, there are no fires burning.

On July 6th, I sat down with Jeff Marsolais to discuss OHV issues in the Basin after a month of trying to get an appointment. The meet was only one half an hour, I had asked for a full hour. With only 30 minutes, I spoke fast and of course with passion. I laid out more than a half dozen issues where the LTBMU had failed to properly or professionally manage OHV.

More than a week and a half later, I email Jeff to ask what had been done so far. He replied that just because I hadn’t heard from him didn’t mean he wasn’t doing anything. Jeff failed to provide any proof of what he had done nor did he provide any examples of what he had done.

So, I filed an eight page complaint to Region Five in Vallejo over Jeff’s lack of management of OHV on his forest. Region Five finally got back to me. It took weeks. I was disappointed to get the same old letter stating in effect ‘we trust our guy, he has a plan, thank you for your concerns.’

Yesterday, I fired back at Region Five. I’m sure it will take a month or more for them to get back to me although I threw in a Thursday deadline for them to at least name an OHV lead/liaison for the LTBMU.