Placer looking for input

Placer County is planning a late January meeting to gather input from volunteers/users. The grant process starts in February for the 2015 season. The discussion will focus on listing and prioritizing maintenance needs for the Tahoe side that can fulfilled under grant funding (read as by an outside contractor). Placer is trying to keep the scope of this next grant to water quality issues but all ideas will be entertained and prioritized.

I’m sure a follow up discussion will take place to determine what projects can be completed by the volunteers.

If you have any ideas about what you would like to see done on the Tahoe side, please speak up. You can email me (, FOTR or Placer County to have your voice heard.

Thanks for your input.

One year and still moving forward…

Well, it’s been a full year now.

It’s been interesting putting this site together and learning what works and what’s important. One of the funnier lessons is it’s tough to find a picture for each week and the time to switch it out. So, that’s going monthly.

I’ve tried to build a website so users of the trail can find updated general information about the Rubicon Trail and also be kept up on what’s going on regarding changing and challenging issues facing the Rubicon and the surrounding area. In the future, I’ll try and streamline the ability for those reading the website to comment on current issues to the right people by posting the email address and a few bullet points.

One area I have yet to expand is the Vehicle/Equipment page. I have visions of listing minimal vehicle upgrades prior to hitting the trail. Or at least how far in one should travel if not in a fully built rig. The other aspect is to build a spare parts list and a tool list.

Please feel free to let me know what you think should be added to or covered by the website.

Safe trails…

Rubicon Ronin