Snow Run and Shovel Work

The Lake Tahoe Hi-Lo’s did a flash run just out to the staging area this morning. (Sat, Nov 12th) It was Doug, Keith and Dean. The snow was probably 16 inches deep. We did not have plans to go any further than the staging area although others had.

Not pictured is the very stock Mercedes G-Class SUV we picked up in the residential area. (Not a Hi-Lo member) He had a new rig and wanted to play in the snow but knew better than to play alone. We put him between us and headed in. No picture of the ‘stuck’ but the Mercedes got a little sideways and Dean had to pull him forward.

The trail had some deep snow, but we weren’t the first ones out on the trail. There was quite the pair of ruts to follow.

Once at the staging area someone discovered a still smoldering camp-fire, built on the asphalt parking lot. Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up. We got out the shovels and piled on the snow a stirred it around.

On the way out, we did a little shovel work at the entrance. The plan is to stop by regularly to keep the “wall” extremely low or no “wall” at all. No snow in the foreseeable forecast.

Late last month, three Lake Tahoe Hi-Lo’s came out and installed three new snow stakes to delineate the trail. RTF agreed to reimburse the club for the cost of the materials.

Thank you, guys!


Rubicon Ronin

Public Service Announcement

Okay, not really Rubicon related but 4-Wheel Parts is moving across town from Sparks into Reno.

Although the official address is 5405 Meadowood Mall Circle, it’s also off Neil Road. For the locals, it’s across from the Food Court doors at the Meadowood Mall.

The show room might be smaller, but the warehouse is five times as large as the old location. That, along with upgraded supply chains, should mean much quicker parts delivery.

My most recent 4wp order was shipped directly to my door. Then it took some time to actually get the axles installed:

4-Wheel Parts plans on starting sales from the new location by the end of this week!

Let’s support our local ‘brick and mortar’ stores. Next time you need a part for your rig, or a Christmas present for your favorite blog poster, swing by and check them out.


Rubicon Ronin

Winter is here, and at the Rubicon

Snow has arrived on the Rubicon Trail. But it looks like Placer County has yet to figure out their 2022-23 plowing routine…

But the push of extra snow toward the trailhead has begun. The true plow line should be right up the middle of the photo below.

Proof my Grand Cherokee went ‘snow wheeling’.

For the record, it doesn’t have a whole lot of ground clearance! Yes, I was scraping the snow in spots.

But it was gorgeous up there. And the bathrooms were unlocked.

Please be safe out there. Remember to pack food, water, extra clothing, a shovel, recovery equipment, etc. Be prepared to spend the night. Don’t go alone. Let someone know where you are going and when you will return. Carry a ham radio.


Rubicon Ronin