Fire Restrictions Reinstated on the ENF!

It seems the Eldorado National Forest got a little heat (pun intended) for lifting fire restrictions earlier this month.

They cite the forecast of dry weather for the change.

Link to the recent press release: Fire Restrictions

What ever the reason, it was the right move as all forests are still extremely dry.

Always be fore safe even if you’re only using a propane stove.

Fire restrictions lifted on the Eldorado National Forest

Fire restrictions lifted

The Eldorado National Forest has lifted fire restrictions on the forest as of October 5, 2015.

Although the forest is still extremely dry, the fire danger was reduced by recent rains. I would suggest you don’t have a fire unless you actually need one. The risk/reward analysis does make a campfire worth the risk of a wildland fire.

Please be smart with fire. Read and obey the rules on the fire permit, which is required to have a campfire. Have water and a shovel at the fire just incase.