Well as many of you are aware, there have been some big changes concerning CalStar. They are now a member of the much larger AirMedCare Network and are no longer offering memberships as CalStar alone.

Unfortunately there is no longer a $30 family membership available. Under the AirMedCare Network, Rubithon group members will still get a discounted price over normal cost with our rate being $55 for the entire household. Note the name difference. Under the CalStar plan, there had to be a family relationship; under the new plan, it covers anyone that resides in the household regardless of relationship. As with the CalStar plan, it will still cover your children while they are away at College.

For those of you that in the past had both CalStar and Reach coverage to increase your protection, this new cost will actually save you $40/year since both CalStar and Reach are AirMedCare Network members so you will no longer to have to maintain both to maximize your coverage.

On the plus side of all this, the coverage under the new plan is much greater than under CalStar alone.
I will be attaching some JPEGS that describe some of the increased coverage areas and added benefits. For starters, those that go to King of the Hammers, you will now be covered as the air ambulance company that covers Johnson Valley is also a AirMedCare Network partner. This is new as compared to CalStar alone.

You can find much more information on their website www.airmedcarenetwork.com

I have not yet received the new enrollment forms from them, but have been assigned a group number. We should have the new forms shortly.

Thanks for your time, and feel free to email me or call with any questions.

Eric Agee