OHMVR Grant Cycle

OHV Grant Funding

The grant cycle has started. Several agencies have help open houses to ask the users what they want done with their trails this summer.

Please take the time to contact your local office and provide polite input as to how you would like to fee your funds spent.

The CA Off Road Vehicle Association (CORVA) has moved forward on the effort to renew the grant program. This great program was scheduled to sunset after this year. These funds are critical for us to maintain our trails and keep them safe and thus open.


CORVA is proud to announce the introduction of AB 1077, a bill to reauthorize the OHV program in California authored by Patrick O’Donnell (D-Long Beach).  CORVA has been working with the California Motorized Recreation Council to have this important bill introduced. AB 1077 reauthorizes the Off Highway Motorized Vehicle Recreation Division that manages our State Vehicular Recreation Areas and OHV Trust Fund Grant Program, used by federal, county and city agencies across the state to keep off-road opportunities open in California.

We ask all our members to contact their legislative representatives NOW to express their support for the bill. Those who live in District 70 represented by Assemblyman O’Donnell are asked to thank the Assemblyman for authoring and introducing the bill. Click on the link below to find your legislators

The entire (short) bill text can be found here: Read Bill. It is usually short and just removes the provision that details the sun-setting of the program.

It wouldn’t hurt to have you contact your representatives to ask for their support of this bill. This bill does not use general taxes for funding, the funding comes from sales and green sticker fees. It is self contained.


Rubicon Ronin

Rubicon conditions


I’m continuing to follow the saga of the stuck rigs on the Rubicon. An effort was made this past weekend to reach them but it fell short due to mechanical failures. But they got to in quite a ways considering conditions.


Yes, that is the staging area and the two twelve foot tall pit toilets!

I’m assuming the photo below is the creek at water bar number eight, the first Arizona crossing on the trail.


That would be a cold, deep crossing on a Quad!

Please remember that this will be a very late OHV season. All trails will be very wet and probably not open on time. One can be cited for damaging the forest even while on an OHV trail. Always Tread Lightly!

Be patient, summer will get here.


Rubicon Ronin

FYI – Lake Tahoe has already risen three feet this year! And Spring isn’t here yet!


4wpw Grand Re-Opening


Yesterday, Four Wheel Parts Wholesalers (4WPW) in Sparks, held a Grand Re-Opening. Sorry I didn’t post about it earlier but I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal. It turned out there was quite a large turnout.

There were several 4wd clubs represented, more than a half dozen vendors, free lunch, raffle prizes and entertainment in the form of people play on the wrecked cars and boulder garden with their rigs. The most entertaining was the guy in a full size extended cab who got majorly stuck on the cars.

The booth always seemed to have a crowd. That’s because I let the Tahoe Donner 4wd Club put up a banner and recruit new members. They are the most active 4wd club I know of. And yes, I’m a member. TD 4 Wheelers website


I was displaying the same old stuff: Rubicon maps, fliers, t-shirts. It was a good day and I talked to a lot of people who had no idea there were so many side trails off the Rubicon on the Tahoe side.


If you missed this one, 4WPW will be holding a similar event Saturday, March 11th. They are advertising it as a membership drive.

And another reminder, the Reno Motorsport Show will be happening March 17, 18 & 19.


Rubicon Ronin


Snow at the trailhead

For those of you following the saga, the past practice of Placer County piling snow at the Tahoma entrance to the Rubicon should have stopped.

Unfortunately, not everyone got the memo. This was today, 1/4/17.


Now we don’t know who piled the snow here but I’m working on it.

For the record, the Rubicon Trail doesn’t close during the winter.

If you are prepared enough and brave enough to try the Rubicon during the winter, realize there may still be issues at the trailhead this winter.

On your way in, feel free to break-down any piled snow or shovel the snow away all together. Do not throw that snow in to the street. If capable, drive over the berm.

Remember that there is no street parking from November through May. A sheriff in a bad mood may try and cite you if your rig is in the street as you work the berm. My advice is be polite and don’t fail the attitude test.

On your way out, make sure the berm has not been altered. Get out and check before driving off the edge.

On a side note, there are currently two rigs stuck on the Rubicon. A recovery team is going in on Friday to get the vehicles out. All the people are safely out.

The first rig is near Miller Lake, in a water hole, on the trail (35″ tires). Please do not go off trail to get around this vehicle.

The second vehicle is almost to Observation (40″ tires). It lost one tire off the rim. They plan on bringing out a spare, swapping it on to the rig and driving out. That rig is off to the side of the trail.


Rubicon Ronin

Merry Christmas!


That’s the fire department way of fixing a broken ornament.