Barker Meadow OHV Trail

Barker Meadow OHV Trail

This trail has two sections the lower section runs between the Rubicon and Forest Road 003-004. Although short, it will keep anyone focused on the trail. This trail rarely goes straight. You are usually going from a full left turn to a full right turn. It’s a blast!

In less than two miles from turning left at the intersection of the Rubicon and Forest Road 03-04, there is a right turn for the Barker Meadow OHV Trail (16E79):


It dumps you out on Forest Road 03-04. This is the view from 03-04 looking down 16E79:


The upper section runs between Forest Road 003-004 and the summit of Barker Pass and the beginning of the paved section near the pit toilets. This is an easier section without the tight turn but fun none the less.

The south end of the upper trail:

DSCN0261 (Medium)

The north end of the upper section:

DSCN0260Running these two sections is a great way to avoid the more crowded Rubicon Trail from above Cadillac Hill to Tahoma. It’s a great way to end a trip all the way through.

The 4 Play 4 Wheelers have adopted this trail.

Link to TNF website about the Barker Meadow OHV Trail

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