Buck Lake Trail

Buck Lake Trail – 14N40


Buck Lake

Located off the Rubicon Trail about a half mile out of the Tahoma staging area, it runs up to Buck Lake and then on to the Ellis Peak/Lake Trail. The drive to Buck Lake isn’t too bad but the trail above the lake has one spot that will challenge most drivers.

The upper part of the trail is in the distance:


One driving down the Buck Lake Trail from Ellis Peak towards Buck Lake and one driving up with a group:

DSCN2344Going up BLT

The trail goes along side Buck Lake with a short spur that goes down to the lake and to a few official camp areas with BBQs.


Great views of Tahoe from above Buck Lake.


There is an extremely difficult right turn above the turn to Buck Lake. Going uphill is the hard way. There is an anchor point installed above the turn to the right to aid in getting through the turn. Going downhill is much easier but don’t let your rig get away from you. It is possible to flip your rig on or below this obstacle.

Here is a link to the LTBMU page about the Buck Lake Trail.

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