Long Lake Trail

The Long Lake Trail turns north off the Rubicon Trail between the bottom of Cadillac Hill and Miller Creek.  It runs less than one mile in length but it’s my favorite OHV trail.  It starts in the trees and aspen glens and opens to a granite canyon. The trail can be quite challenging at times.

Please view the Photojournal on the home page and read “The Long Lake Trail – 16E12” story on the “Articles” page about the trail.

Long Lake Photojournal – over 100 photos!

“The Long Lake Trail – 16E12” as published in “In Gear”

Adopted by the Lake Tahoe Hi-Lo’s, the the trail hasn’t needed much work.  Once adopted, we rermoved the outhouse and hardened one of the creek crossings.

The Lake Tahoe Hi-Lo’s would like to thank Steve Morris for the use of his trailer for this project.


Our first major project was installing a trailhead sign with maps and user information.









There is a side trail about half way through that u-turns left toward the river and is an excellent camping area. The camp area only has the one entrance. Please respect the forest and do not make this a ‘drive through’ camp area. The Tahoe National Forest will not allow it and might close the trail if users drive ‘off trail’.

Note the river between the trees on the right:


Most people don’t realize the trail continues on past the campsite over some magnificent granite slabs.




The trail ends 0.91 miles from the Rubicon Trail. Motorized travel past that point is not permitted. Please respect the agreed upon end to the Long Lake Trail.


A short hike down the Rubicon River gets you quite a view:


There is access to the river at many points:


The Lake Tahoe Hi-Lo’s thank you for you cooperation and respect to the trails and our forests.

Blog posts about the Long Lake Trail:



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