Middle Fork Trail

The Middle Fork OHV Trail is found in Blackwood Canyon; the canyon north of the Rubicon Trail. It’s three or four miles south of Tahoe City. The best map is on the “Area Trails” page, route ’12’.

Turn off Highway 89 at the Kaspian Campground into Blackwood Canyon.  This FS campground overlooks Lake Tahoe and often has open camp areas. This paved road is frequented by runners, dog walkers and cyclists all summer long, please watch your speed.

In the winter it’s a Sno-Park area, permit required. http://ohv.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=23061 The gates are scheduled to close Nov 1st and re-open May 31st. Remember that if you’re thinking about coming out this route, as there are no gates on the backside of Barker pass Road. This is area is also used by snowshoers and cross country skiers in the winter so rememebr to share the trail.

To get to the Middle Fork Trail, drive up the paved road until it starts to turn to the left and go over the creek.  You should have stayed straight on the dirt road before the paved road curved left to go over the river. A couple of hundred yards down the dirt road there are pit toilets and six camp spots at the trailhead.

The trail winds its way up to the summit (the actual Barker Pass) and ties back in with the paved road.  At the summit there are more pit toilets, parking and maps for the Taheo Rim Trail and Pacific Creat trail users. You can also access the top of the Barker Meadow OHV Trail from this area and the Ellis Peak motorcycle trail.

Can you find this view?

A glimpse of Lake Tahoe from the Middle Fork Trail.

A few years ago, the LTBMU did a huge restoration/water quality rebuild of many  of the rolling dips on the trail. These are the largest rolling dips I’ve ever seen. More trails should have these size rolling dips.


A rolling dips with drain.

The Middle Fork Trail has been adopted by the North Tahoe Trail Dusters.

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