Noonchester Mine Road

The Noonchester Mine Road turns off the Rubicon Trail while the Rubicon is still paved.  The turn is to the north about a half mile from the residential neighborhood. The trail is short but gives a great view of Tahoe overlooking Quail Lake.

The trail ends when it crosses on to private property. Please respect the rights of the private property owners and stay off their property.  Although I believe the private property is marked, it is your responsibility to know where you are at all times.

The Noonchester Mine Road is not difficult but there are a few tight switch backs and some fun rolling dips.  The trail is popular with the locals for an after work flexing of the suspension and to get away from the crowds.


Summary from an account in “The Nevada State Journal – Sun. June 1947”

“The remains of the Noonchester Mine are located just South of Quail Lake and are accessible via a 4-wheel drive road from the McKinney Rubicon Springs Road. It was a gold mine established by Londen Lee Noonchester in 1939. Born in Virginia in 1884, Noonchester lived and prospected for 35 years in Oregon and came to Tahoe in 1932. He discovered the gold containing arsenical sulfide ore in 1939, but because of delays in getting supplies during WWII he did not get it into operation until the mid 40s. The value of the find based on assays, was from $18 – $27 million. The ore was extracted by surface mining and no water or timbering was required. At the time of the account they employed 20 men and planned to expand to 300 men milling 1,000 tons of ore daily. They also formed the “Lake Tahoe Gold Mining Company” with 1 million shares at $1 par value.”

Link to the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit’s webpage for Noonchester Mine Road

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