Cadillac Hill – Hairpin Turn WB

July 15/16, 2013

The Hairpin Turn on Cadillac Hill has a hillside that seeps water. Unmaintained, that water runs down the trail and over the “Roots” section. The “Roots” section has been eroding over the years and the rocks continue to ‘grow’.

So, the waterbar at the bottom of the Hairpin Turn was rebuilt to prevent further erosion.

At the bottom edge of the ‘Hairpin’ turn on Cadillac Hill, we removed sediment from the WB, relined the WB with rock and cleaned out the exit point off the trail. The boulders from before were still in place but not effective. Rock and logs were be placed over the edge to slow and disperse water flow as needed.


The picture of the plan.  The boulders circled in red were moved to the area/line indicated by the long yellow oval:

Hairpin Plan


A photo before any (some) of the work was done:



The edge is cleared for drainage and the boulders are starting to line-up:



A close up of how the boulders were set into the trail: half buried, half exposed.



This will need annual maintenance (already been rebuilt once) but will keep water off the ‘Roots” section of the trail.

May 22, 2014, I did a little more maintenance at this spot. It was holding up well (no water running down the trail) but needed a few touches. We will continue to maintain this spot as needed.


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