Draining water…

Here is the “Post Report” I sent out after the extremely successful project to drain water off the trail, block unneeded routes and harden the trail from erosion.

A few highlights, I need to acknowledge Hummer for being the only automobile manufacturer to bring volunteers to the trail and to make a cash donation to help keep the trail open.

The TNF is awesome to work with. They were there for all aspects of this project. They even used the group photo at Observation with the Hummer group to put on the cover of the Travel Management manuals.

Rubicon Trail Maintenance – July 22, 2006
Post Report

“I love it when a plan comes together.”

Once again, FOTR came through for the Rubicon Trail. On Saturday, July 22, FOTR held a maintenance work party on the Tahoe side. Thirty people stepped up and helped out. We had four spots along the trail to work and they all got completed. I’d like to thank everyone for the help given to make this work day possible.

At 9:10am I started the briefing. Placer County was there to do some paperwork. Del was there watching my back. By 9:30am the works crews were off and running. The last crew finished up around 3pm but most were done before then.

I would like to thank GM/Hummer for once again stepping up the keep the trail open and healthy. As you may know, Hummer recently donated supplies for trail volunteers: ponchos, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc. They also opened their check book and cut a check for $2000 to the Rubicon Trail Foundation. As if that weren’t enough, on Saturday they showed up to work on the trail with eight people and more handouts for the people working that day.

Please take the time to let GM/Hummer know that we as users appreciate what they are doing for the trail. Contact: Dayna Hart, Communications Manager, GMC, Hummer….

Two clubs were well represented: The Lake Tahoe Hi-Lo’s and the North Tahoe Trail Dusters. There were other clubs represented: Auburn Jeep Club, Motherload Rockcrawlers and others.

The GM/Hummer group worked the far west mud hole bypass area. The original trail and one bypass were blocked and the bypass with the highest elevation and best drainage is now the correct route in that area. The Hummer Bend.

Gary Lefler of the Hi-Lo’s worked the deep mud hole that was drained last month with his crew. They dug out the drain and blocked the bypass to the south of the main trail. Some other Hi-Lo’s hardened the edges of the Potato Patch area.

The Virgo family of the Trail Dusters got stuck with moving rock. Their crew filled in two ditches near exposed corrugated pipes. They also blocked a bypass.

Everyone stepped up and got the job done. No body complained and everyone acted professionally. Thank you for making me look good. Anybody can organize a work day but the end results are directly dependant on the workers the day of the event. Saturday was all about you, the volunteers. Thanks again.

I want to take up some space and hand out some awards.

The MVP of this project was Gary Lefler of the Hi-Lo’s. Gary was there for all three aspect of this project. On May 20th he helped with the original draining of the mud hole. He even brought his electronic laser level to make sure things would flow down hill. Gary also took a day off work to drive in County and FS representatives on July 10th to make sure the county, FS and FOTR were thinking and talking the same repairs. And Saturday Gary stepped up once more. He lead the mud hole crew, brought and loaned his trailer for moving rock and even brought a gas powered dirt compactor for the filling the ditches. On his way out he stopped and helped move rock with the ditch crew. Thanks Gary.

The award for Family Volunteers goes to the Virgos of the North Tahoe Trail Dusters. Dad Don brought his two sons Jeremy and Chris, also Trail Dusters. They got the heavy job of moving rock and did a fine job.

The award for Ghost Volunteer goes to Susanne Jensen of the FS. I know she was there, I saw her truck, but I never saw her.

The award for Most Enthusiasm (without being there) goes to Jessica. Jessica was on top of all the e-mails and wanted desperately to be there to help out. She and her family made a valiant effort to make the workday. After getting a flat tire (in the rain) and then borrowing the Mother in laws AWD mini-van they started up the Rubicon Trail. I found them about one mile in and thanked her and her family for their efforts but turned them around. She said she’ll get to the kiosk and help them when she can until they get another trail rig.

It should go without saying that GM/Hummer gets the corporation award.

Special mention to Jeff Wiley, Susan Jensen and the Tahoe National Forest. The west side of TNF only has two people employed that can do this type of work. On Friday, Jeff came over and helped provided material for some of the projects. On Saturday, Susanne was there to help and direct one of the projects. In two days FOTR got 100% of the FS employees available to find time to help on the Rubicon Trail. They were there because they know we, as FOTR, do good things. I want to thank everyone one more time for stepping up and showing the world what FOTR can do when we pull together.

FOTR rocks!

Doug Barr
Friends of the Rubicon
Rubicon Trail Foundation

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