Filling in the low spots

This was a Placer County lead project using Recreational Trails Program (RTP) OHV funding.

Placer County had a project within the basin that had dirt as s byproduct. Lots of dirt. In an agreement between the County and the Basin, Placer staged the dirt (1200 Cubic yards) at the Tahoma staging area. This saved the County dumping costs and filled (pun intended) a need for the Rubicon Trail.

An outside contractor was brought in and they moved the fill dirt on to the trail, filling in the low spots that previously has held water well in to the summer.

We’re talking 25 yard dump trucks! It was quite a sight to see coming down the trail. A front loader at the staging area was used to load each truck and a bulldozer was used at each dump site to spread and compact the dirt.


Dirt at staging area:

05 Bring in dirt


Dirt at staging area:

06 1200 cubic yards


Volvo 25 yard dump truck on the Rubicon:

22 Big trucks narrow trail


Dumping, spreading and compacting:

25 dump and spread



90 water on the trail...



100 becomes filled and flat



105 Before - Turnout



110 gets filled in!



137 low spot before



139 low spot after

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