New Trailhead Sign, Info and Map

The trailhead signs at the staging area looked like they were put up in the ’70’s.

The information was outdated if not flat out wrong. The map was pathetic. The signs them selves were literally falling apart.

A few volunteers took down both signs, took them home and rebuilt one, solid sign out of the pieces from the two to be put back in place. The roof was repaired, the structure was repainted and a brand new RTF map was installed as well as ham radio information, emergency contact information and GPS locations of certain spots along the trail.


Sign one before:



Sign two before:



The single new sign after:

Tahoma trailhead sign Rebuilt in 2012

Tahoma trailhead sign
Rebuilt in 2012


I must add that soon after this “new” sign was installed, someone took a shotgun to it. They didn’t like the no campfire sign or the map.

Without being asked, the FS replaced the plexiglass in a VERY timely manor.

There has since been more information on proper trail etiquette added by the FS and/or County.



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