Trail Conditions…

I was at the lake yesterday and stopped by the Rubicon. See the photo of the week.

The paved section had snow but also two ruts down to the pavement all the way to the staging area.  My 31″ tires had no problem getting me to the staging area but the trail past there was a different story.  I tried to drive up the trail and the ruts became deeper.  A few of the “potholes” in the ruts caused my front end to bottom out.

I turned around before the first climb but that climb was icy and very slippery.  I can only assume there are patches of snow and dirt further up the trail.  There have been reports that Cadillac Hill is dry and that there are some snow berms along the trail.

This time of year the trail is fragile. Please do not drive off trail to get around the snow berms or water holes. These actions will damage the forest and give ammunition to the anti-OHV crowd to use against us to close our trails.

Turn around, don’t go around!

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