Trouble with Placer, RTF and the Tahoma Trailhead

For years there has been an ongoing issue with snow being piled up at the Tahoma trailhead. During low snow years, like this year, it is much less an issue. During high snow years, a twelve foot wall can block the entrance.

Placer County started their discussion by denying they were dumping snow at the entrance. A few years later, they admitted they placed snow there that was plowed from the intersection.

Most recently, RTF, FOTR, El Dorado County and some users met on sight with Placer County. Placer didn’t have a clue as to what the users wanted or the trail needed. All we were asking for was that Placer not pile snow in a way that would block the trail.

Many suggestions were offered, Placer wasn’t listening and RTF dropped the ball by never following through.

On a recent trip past the trail head, I found issues I knew would happen if nothing was done. Although it’s easy to blame the users, I blame RTF for not do a thing!

Let me explain. Since Placer decided to push snow off the intersection to the south (left) side of the entrance, and did not install snow stakes designating the trail, the users drove on the north (right) edge to get around the snow pile. Placer was informed there was a ditch on the north side but didn’t seem to care.

The users drove too far to the north and drove through the ditch and over a corrugated pipe. Not a big issue unless some anti-OHV tree-hugger files a complaint about OHV users driving off trail.

Three years ago, RTF promised to get with Placer County and solve this issue. It never happened. RTF is again promising to get with Placer. I’m not holding my breath.

After that face-to-face meeting on sight, Placer held a public Zoom meeting. Placer stated that they would continue to prioritize clearing the residential streets over maintaining access to the Rubicon Trail and our public lands. An RTF director said he thought the meeting went very well! That RTF director has been put in charge of working with Placer.

RTF needs to held accountable for maintaining access to the Rubicon Trail, via all entrances.

Placer County needs to be pressured to stop piling snow at the entrance.

I suggest you contact both Placer and RTF and let them know.


Rubicon Ronin

The Tahoma Market is OPEN!

After several years of being closed, the Tahoma Market and Deli reopened earlier this week with a ‘soft’ opening. There’s not even an “open” sign displayed. No date set for any kind of ‘Grand Opening’.

Below, new product finally being restocked at the market. And workers still putting on the finishing touches.

The entire building has been remodeled. I think they took it back to the studs and started over. It has a very cllen, modern look and feel inside. The Deli is ready to start serving what I call the best sandwiches in the Lake Tahoe Basin. They make their own bread and it just melts in your mouth.

Stopping here on your way to or from the Rubicon is a no-brainer. They do hot breakfast items ready to grab and go. I mentioned the sandwiches. And plenty of last minutes items on your way in, as it is a fully supplied grocery store.

This was the look back in 2018!

Their website is quite basic right now but it has the basic contact info:

Home | Tahoma Market & Deli

This store has been a go to place for West Shore locals for a very long time. Let’s keep them busy.


Rubicon Ronin

Another Rubicon Area Fire

Fire resources are responding to the Point Incident north of Elliott Bridge. Initially reported at 6:30 AM the fire is estimated to be at 20 acres, the response includes 7 engines, 3 water tenders, 3 hand crews, overhead resources and additional aircraft on order. For more Point fire information call 530-303-2455. From Inciweb

The Point Fire is on 20 acres but there are winds in the area.

Link below to Bald Mountain camera.

The Bunker Hill camera is sometimes pointed in the right direction.

Tahoma Kiosk Installed

Today I drove up to the staging area just to see the progress on the new kiosk. And it’s almost done!

It is not what I expected but it’s a HUGE improvement over the old kiosk.

The asphalt coming next summer will run right up to the concrete base.

The new kiosk is much bigger than the old one, which I’m trying to move to the Middle Fork trailhead in Blackwood Canyon. Not only does it have twice the space for posting information, it has the same amount of space on the backside…

The Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit has also developed a new map which will be posted 4’x8′. No need to get out the glasses to figure out where you’d like to go.


Rubicon Ronin

Rubicon Trail Closure: Oct 17th, 18th & 19th 2020

Above is a link to the El Dorado County Rubicon Trail page announcing the temporary trail closure.

UPDATE: At this time, El Dorado County can only close the portion of the trail within El Dorado County. There has been no word if the Tahoe National Forest will close any portion of the trail within Placer County. The closure is for safety while using a helicopter to transport material to Cadillac Hill.

Maintenance will be taking place on Cadillac Hill, the rolling dips between Observation and the top of Cadillac Hill and the Tahoe side Mud Hole and the Forest Service Bypass around the Mud Hole.

Trees have already been dropped to further block the original trail at the Mud Hole.

You should be able to access side trail such as the Richardson Lake Trail to Sourdough Hill and the Buck Lake Trail to Ellis Peak and Ellis Lake. The loop from Blackwood Canyon (Barker Pass) down to the intersection of the Rubicon (Forest Road 03-04) will probably be open.

Please don’t drive further west than the intersection of the Rubicon and Forest Road 03-04 unless you are an active volunteer.


Rubicon Ronin