Beavers and we’re not talking Oregon State

Okay, so I’m sitting here waiting for the college football games to start…

But there is wildlife at Rubicon Springs and that includes beavers. Last year, I took part in trying to bring down a HUGE beaver dam on the south end of the private property. Here it is returned this year:

DSCN0690 DSCN0691

Jimmy Martin had welded up a large grappling hook that we placed on the end of a winch cable. There were two brave (and cold) soles who were placing the hook in the dam. The vehicle with the which was owned and run by a member of the Lake Tahoe Hi-Lo’s. We were successful that day but we knew the dam would be back.

The beavers in the area have high hopes. Here are a few pictures of the trees the beavers have tried to bring down over the years. We’re not sure but we think they might start early enough in the year that they are still on snow pack when trying to bring these down.

DSCN0684 DSCN0685 DSCN0686 DSCN0687




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