Winter on the Rubicon

I drove out to the Rubicon yesterday. Being alone and in my street truck, 2002 ZR-2, I didn’t venture too far.

Here is my truck at water bar number eight, actually an Arizona crossing. It’s about a 1/8 mile past the intersection with the Buck Lake Trail. The trail was very icy due to the warm day temperatures and below freezing nights.


Plenty of evidence of people out playing on the trail.



Just before WB#8, someone took the time to clear a downed tree from the trail. Thank you to all of you who take care of business while you’re out on the trail. If you document your time and the people involved, we can get credit towards grant fund matching. Forward any documentation to FOTR.


Please remember to go prepared.

“Turn around, don’t go around.”

If you come across a downed tree or other obstacle and don’t have the means to clear the trail, turn around and head home. Do not drive around the blockage. If you have a chain saw or what ever it takes to clear the trail, feel free to do so but be very careful. This time of year there is less traffic on the trail. If you hurt yourself, you might not see someone drive by for days.

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