Adopt-A-Campsite: Miller Lake

Yesterday I went out with the Tahoe Donner 4 Wheel Drive club and we worked the campsite at Miller Lake and repaired the sign there. There were only five guys from the club but they came to work.

I showed up with the new sign painted and ready to install. The old sign is in the background with multiple holes in it from years of abuse.


To say these guys had there act together would be an understatement. The first guy pulled out the full set of DeWalt battery operated tools. Not to be outdone, the next guy pulled out the Ryobi set. Then the Makita set came out and finally the Milwaukee set.


One guy used the impact driver to remove the old screws, while the next was cutting the new 2x6s to length with the battery operated circular saw. Once on the ground, the next guy pre-drilled the new 2x6s using the old 2×6 holes as a template.


The old sign was cut in half and thrown in my trailer for removal. While that was going on, the gas powered weed whacker was fired up to clear around the fire pits and sign.

The finished sign is lacking signage. We have plans to stop by the Tahoe National Forest to pick up the signage they would like displayed.


Later with logos of OHV partners and FS signage:



We were done in record time. So, we sat down and enjoyed lunch at the edge of Miller Lake.

My thanks go out to the Tahoe Donner 4 Wheel Drive Club for adopting this site and getting out there and getting this sign back to looking good.

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