Colby Emergency Tire Valve

My Colby valves arrived yesterday. I’m really hot on this item.

I ordered the valve back in August before they were even producing them. I knew it would be months before it arrived and not in time for the 2016 wheeling season. No, I usually don’t do a lot of snow wheeling, that’s why I have a snowmobile.


By looking at the two photos, you get how the valve works. First, remove or push in the damaged valve. Then, leaving the valve assembled, you push the Colby valve in the hole until the collar of the black rubber washer is snug against the wheel and then while maintaining some pressure, twist the red handle. The brass stem is drawn up in to the black washer. Due to the taper of the brass stem the black washer expands and seals on the back side (the inside) of the wheel. Tighten until snug. Fill the tire with air.


I think that in every group of wheelers, someone should be carrying one of these. They don’t take up any space and would save a ton of time swapping on the spare tire or worse, trying to in-bead the tire and replace the valve stem. Add it to your tire plug kit.

This product is so cool, I’ve already started to share what I bought. I ordered four of the ’emergency’ valves (there are three styles available) and I’ve already given away two of the valves as prizes at four wheel drive club Christmas parties.

Order up your own at They run $28 for a pair of the ’emergency’ style.

For the record, at this time, I am not being paid by Colby nor did I receive mine in exchange for promotion of the product. I’m just really hot on this item!


Rubicon Ronin



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