4wpw Grand Re-Opening


Yesterday, Four Wheel Parts Wholesalers (4WPW) in Sparks, held a Grand Re-Opening. Sorry I didn’t post about it earlier but I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal. It turned out there was quite a large turnout.

There were several 4wd clubs represented, more than a half dozen vendors, free lunch, raffle prizes and entertainment in the form of people play on the wrecked cars and boulder garden with their rigs. The most entertaining was the guy in a full size extended cab who got majorly stuck on the cars.

The booth always seemed to have a crowd. That’s because I let the Tahoe Donner 4wd Club put up a banner and recruit new members. They are the most active 4wd club I know of. And yes, I’m a member. TD 4 Wheelers website


I was displaying the same old stuff: Rubicon maps, fliers, t-shirts. It was a good day and I talked to a lot of people who had no idea there were so many side trails off the Rubicon on the Tahoe side.


If you missed this one, 4WPW will be holding a similar event Saturday, March 11th. They are advertising it as a membership drive.

And another reminder, the Reno Motorsport Show will be happening March 17, 18 & 19.


Rubicon Ronin


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