OHMVR Grant Cycle

OHV Grant Funding

The grant cycle has started. Several agencies have help open houses to ask the users what they want done with their trails this summer.

Please take the time to contact your local office and provide polite input as to how you would like to fee your funds spent.

The CA Off Road Vehicle Association (CORVA) has moved forward on the effort to renew the grant program. This great program was scheduled to sunset after this year. These funds are critical for us to maintain our trails and keep them safe and thus open.


CORVA is proud to announce the introduction of AB 1077, a bill to reauthorize the OHV program in California authored by Patrick O’Donnell (D-Long Beach).  CORVA has been working with the California Motorized Recreation Council to have this important bill introduced. AB 1077 reauthorizes the Off Highway Motorized Vehicle Recreation Division that manages our State Vehicular Recreation Areas and OHV Trust Fund Grant Program, used by federal, county and city agencies across the state to keep off-road opportunities open in California.

We ask all our members to contact their legislative representatives NOW to express their support for the bill. Those who live in District 70 represented by Assemblyman O’Donnell are asked to thank the Assemblyman for authoring and introducing the bill. Click on the link below to find your legislators

The entire (short) bill text can be found here: Read Bill. It is usually short and just removes the provision that details the sun-setting of the program.

It wouldn’t hurt to have you contact your representatives to ask for their support of this bill. This bill does not use general taxes for funding, the funding comes from sales and green sticker fees. It is self contained.


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