OHV Season Preparations

There is still a ton of snow on our trails. Hopefully I’ll have a first hand account by tonight.

So, it’s time to go over your rig and get it ready for the OHV season that might start by July. Just kidding. It’s here now but is your rig ready?

Mine had/has a few issues I’ve been putting off until now. The other day I started in on the list: replace left knuckle, new front leaf spring bolts, new HD steering bars, power strip under hood (no more bundle of wires on the battery).

Well, I got in to it but it’s not done. It was a bit of a fight to get the knuckle off but I won.


The old knuckle got a little bent on a big boulder I hit a little too hard. Your not supposed to be able to see the under side of the steering arm from this view. It had quite a bend and twist.


The new knuckle went on without much of an issue.

On to the steering. Out with the old, in with the new (used).

Looking closely at the shorter component, you can see there is a weld at the adjuster and the threads. I noticed that when I bought the Jeep some eight years ago and new I had to replace it soon. Well this season, after multiple trips down to the Springs, Barrett Lake and Fordyce, I figured it was time.


I’ve already told the story about my Barrett Lake trip where I broke a U-bolt. Here is the result. A really tweaked center bolt from my leaf spring.


I’m also replacing the spring hanger/bottom plate set-up with a cool unit from Ruff Stuff. I’ll add those pictures later. I also have the parts for a auxiliary power strip but haven’t started in on that yet. Maybe after I replace the dead battery. It was a long cold winter.

Please take the time to go over your rig to find and take care of any issues that you may find. You don’t want to be that guy on your first trip out for the season.


Rubicon Ronin







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