Deer Valley to officially re-open!

I just received this email from the forest service:

On June 23rd the snow sensor at Blue Lakes recorded snow water content of less than 1 inch (  As stated in the Final Decision Notice for the Deer Valley 4wd Trail Meadow Restoration and Blue Lakes/Meadow Lake Road Maintenance Project,  the Deer Valley 4wd trail (19E01) will be opened for wheeled motorized vehicle use 6 weeks after documented snowmelt.  This means that the Forest expects the trail to be open to the public on August 3rd this year.

The Forest is also planning a number of volunteer work days in September to help implement trail work and meadow restoration along the Deer Valley 4wd Trail. Individuals interested in assisting with the repair/restorations should contact Sean McGinness ( for additional information.

Matt Brown Botanist

Forest Service

Eldorado National Forest

p: 530-647-5390

4260 Eight Mile Road Camino, CA 95709


Of course, I worry about lines like this one: “the Forest expects the trail to be open”

What the heck does that mean? Will they find another reason to close the trail? Will someone else step in and file another lawsuit?

Stay tuned!


Rubicon Ronin




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