Roundabouts in Tahoe City

So, this isn’t really Rubicon specific but you should know what’s happening on your routes to and from the Rubicon.

Two of the three roundabouts, and the bridge between them, are finally finished and open for use in Tahoe City. The reason for the two new roundabouts and the new bridge over the Truckee River is to reduce traffic congestion in the area.

Above, the roundabout approaching Tahoe City from 89 south.

Above, 89 north approaching Tahoe City. The bridge on the right goes out to 89 bypassing Tahoe City.

By bypassing Tahoe City summer congestion, your drive time and your stress will be reduced!

There is still one more roundabout planned for where the traffic signal is in downtown Tahoe City. They should be able to knock that one out next summer.

Let’s hope they do actually reduce traffic delays.

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