Unauthorized Work

On July 8th, I received an email with four photographs. They were photos of work done on a local Tahoe trail just off the Rubicon. No explanation of the work done, who was involved, paperwork, sign-in sheets, nothing. The problem was, there was no approval for this work.

For years, this project had been discussed. That conversation even included the Forest Service. But there were always other projects to do or just not enough volunteers with the drive to get it done.

So, it seems a few of our fellow wheelers went out on their own and did this project. They never got permission from the FS and they never reached out to the local 4wd club that has adopted this trail since the early 80’s.

So, although we have a new anchor point on the Buck Lake Trail, we can’t do this people. There has never been a great relationship between the FS and OHV. That relationship has had it’s ups and downs over the years. Honestly, I think it’s getting better. But when someone goes out and does this kind of work without approval or the cooperation of others, specifically the club who has worked it for years, it’s unacceptable.

The FS is open to well thought out projects that will enhance our trails and make them safer. Do not be afraid to ask permission. Yes, there will be paperwork involved but they will help you with that.

Let’s work to improve our relationship with the FS so we can build trust and work on not just more projects in the future but the projects we want done.


Rubicon Ronin

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