Fire Near Rubicon Trail!

There is a fire burning west of Loon Lake, north of Union Valley Reservoir. Way too close to the Rubicon Trail.

Evacuations have been made for the greater area to the west. El Dorado County has closed the Rubicon Trail. People on the trail are being asked to exit through Tahoe.

Here is my go to website about current fires:

This image is from the Rubicon Gazette Facebook page. That website is probably the best source of info right now as many people are posting.

The current size (9/9/20 @ 10:15am) is 2500 acres.

Weather: high temperatures in the high 70’s for the week. Winds from the east until Thursday night, then they swing to the west. It’s burning near the old King fire burn now, which should slow growth. When the winds swing to the west, it should (hopefully) burn back on itself.

Click on the Bunker Hill camera:

This was the screen shot 9/9/20 @ 10:45am

I was on the trail Labor Day weekend (the day before it started) and thankfully, traffic was very low. I’m thinking everyone is off the trail by now.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that this doesn’t explode.


Rubicon Ronin

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