Shame-less Self Promotion

As you guy read in a previous post, I was on the Rubicon Father’s Day weekend. Something I came across, that I wasn’t able to deal with on the spot, was a pile of a local home-owners pine needles.

I went back yesterday morning and it was still there, just 100 yards out of the staging area at the base of the first cobble rock climb.

At this point, I was wondering if the guy who dumped this pile was in a full-size pick-up. As I only had my mid-sized Chevy Colorado.

Almost done. I had a few people walk or drive by. I was able to convince everyone I was picking this stuff up not dropping it off.

Finally, it all fit. Almost.

And yes, I tarped the load so I wouldn’t get a ticket on the way to the dump.

With my Karma points earned for the day, I went back to my cabin to clear more trees for more defensible space.


Rubicon Ronin

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