The Rubicon Trail has been Reopened!

This morning the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit released a termination of the forest order closing the Rubicon Trail. Of course, they failed to post it on their website or do a mass press release. But they let El Dorado County know.

El Dorado County then reopened the Rubicon Trail but the wording leaves something to be desired:


I first took it as open from the El Dorado County line to Tahoma but I believe that they meant all of El Dorado County.

 Here is the LTBMU termination of their previous forest order:

Yesterday morning, I sent a letter to about ten people who support the Rubicon Trail and OHV. I pushed them to find a way to prevent future closures and a way to challenge future closures. So far, not a sinlge person has responded to that email.


Rubicon Ronin

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