Rubicon Trail closed within El Dorado County until the end of Feb

(After a few comments about the number of days in Feb, I reworded the title.)

UPDATE: I have heard, but not confirmed, that the Loon Lake entrance is still and has always been open. The OHV trail from Loon Lake is actually the Ellis Creek Intertie, and not part of the Rubicon Trail. Thus, not closed by a Rubicon Trail closure. I’ve also heard Ice House Road and Wentworth Springs Road are both closed. Unfortunately, El Dorado County and other Rubicon advocacy groups are not good at getting solid, proven, accurate information out to the public.

El Dorado County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution on January 10th, that closes the Rubicon Trail for 60 days, starting Dec 30th.

The Placer County side is still open, for now.

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