Still lots of snow on the trail

I drove up the Rubicon yesterday.  Okay, let me confess, your rig works better with both hubs locked.  I drove up quite a ways before realizing I never locked my left hub.  A Detroit locker and Power Locker really help. I only got as far as the border between the TNF and the LTBMU.  The creek crossings were getting a little steep on approach and I figured that being the lone rig and lone driver, that I should stop and hike.

Turning around was one of the biggest challenges.  Most of the trail is a two track.  It reminded me of driving the cars at Disneyland as a kid.

I hiked up the Richardson lake Trail a little bit to see how the ‘meadows’ were holding up after the winter.  They are all still under three feet of snow.  I should remind the users that the Richardson Lake Trail is closed.  It will be closed for some time as we work to decide on what each ‘meadow’ section needs and when we can perform the fix.

The paved road is getting beat up.  Please use caution and look for potholes and a narrowing road.  Placer County will be working on the paved section as soon as the snow clear off the road.



I heard that this tree fell late last fall (photo above).  It will need a little trimming but is currently passable.  There were other trees down in the area.  Some had crossed the trail and were already cleared and some were off to the side of the trail.  This time of year, always carry a saw and be careful when using it.

It will probably be another month before the trail dries out well enough to be travelled regularly. Right now, there is still enough snow for it to be considered snow wheeling.  In a week, it will have melted enough to be wet dirt and possibly damaging.


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