Reno FOTR Meeting

On Saturday the 12th, there was a Reno area FOTR meeting held at the Blind Onion pizza parlor on South Virginia. It wasn’t a huge turn out but we had a good conversation about the Rubicon Trail.

John Briggs updated the group about the Placer County grant of $294,000 to be spent on the Tahoe side this summer. The contracts need to go out to bid and once the contractors have done the ‘heavy equipment work’ the county is expecting the volunteers to finish off the water bars, drains and rolling dips. Plan for Sept/Oct.

I talked about “To Do List” for the Tahoe side. Some of the issues brought up in the past will be completed this summer. The Basin has cut some of the branches along the paved section to the staging area but the limbs still need to be picked up and disposed of. Placer will be repaving holes and repairing the paved section. The areas of the trail that hold standing water will be worked on.

Rusty will again be leading a crew to work on hardening and stabilizing Cadillac Hill. I’ll be maintaining the three water bars on Cadillac Hill as well as blocking one illegal bypass.

Representatives of local clubs were asking what they could do, so we’ll be working with them to select a project on the trail.

The full FOTR meeting will be held May 3rd in Placerville at the DOT office. The public is welcome if you’d like to drive over the hill. Once that meeting is held, we should have a clearer direction of what FOTR would like to take on this season.

Thanks go out to Paul for making the meeting happen. And thanks to those who took the time to show up. If you have comments about what you would like to see done on the trail, post up or contact FOTR directly.

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