Blocking a bypass (again)

Last fall, I took the time to block two illegal single track bypasses along the Rubicon Trail. These bypasses were created by motorcycles and later enlarged by quads. They were “needed” because the Rubicon Trail had standing water on it. That should be read as tongue in cheek because these bypasses were not needed. All OHV users should stay on the trail. My line, that I should turn in to bumper stickers and t-shirts is “Turn around, don’t go around”.

Here are pictures from one of the two worked last fall.  Before…






I even took the time to wire tie most of the logs together to really let those who wanted to dismantle it know that they were going to have to work at it a if they wanted to break the law again.

Well, this spring, the logs were moved by those who didn’t have the skill to ride/drive through the water. I had put up signs asking that those who wanted to help maintain the Rubicon Trail for ALL types of users should contact FOTR. I never heard that anyone wanted to help do that work.

So, round two.

Only one of the two bypasses was blocked off this time around because only one water hole still had water. I’m hoping Placer County will come through with the grant and fix the trail so this is no longer an issue. But until then…


DSCN0558 DSCN0560



DSCN0563 DSCN0564 DSCN0565 DSCN0567


This time, some of the logs were drilled and anchored to the ground or each other with rebar.

Again, signs were placed stating to contact FOTR in order to help maintain the trail.

I’m all for ALL types of users on the Rubicon Trail and the surrounding trails but everyone needs to follow the rules. During discussions about users driving off trail, the idea of having Placer County close the trail if they can’t keep users on the trail was brought up. It was not seriously considered but it was discussed.

We need to educate each other about proper etiquette and the consequences of breaking the rules. Please take the time to politely educate anyone you witness breaking the rules.


Turn around, don’t go around.

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