King Fire Closures

UPDATE: As of 9-30-14, the Edorado National Forest has reopened the Rubicon Trail.

10-3-14, Both Placer County and the LTBMU have removed closure notices from their websites.

Due to the King Fire burning that started outside Pollock Pines, the Rubicon Trail is currently closed on both the Eldorado National Forest and within the Lake Tahoe Basin Management unit:

Eldorado Closure 9-18-2014

It’s hard to find within the Eldorado Forest closure order but the Rubicon is not only closed but there is a mandatory evacuation of the Rubicon Trail within the Eldorado National Forest.

LTBMU Closure 9-22-2014

This site will give you links to fire all over the state of California including the King Fire.

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