LTBMU, ENF & TNF lift fire restrictions


The last of the trio of Rubicon forests has lifted fire restrictions. The ENF lifted restrictions as of 10-8-14.


Starting 9-30-14, the Tahoe National Forest has lifted fire restrictions for the season.


Starting 10-3-14, the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit has lifted fire restrictions for the season.


Although I feel this is too early, fires are now allowed with the proper fire permit. Please take the time to make sure the fire is completely out. This means OUT, not just no flames. The fire pit should be cold enough to run your hands through the coals. I usually pour two five gallon buckets of water on the coals and stir as I go.

Several unattended fires have been reported over the past summer along the Rubicon. Luckily, none of them turn in to major wild fires. The only major fire was arson. We did have a few lighting started fires. The one instance I heard of where a camp fire became a wild fire was in Desolation Wilderness, and you know that wasn’t the fault of a wheeler.

Please be safe and help protect our forests.




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