Another maintenance day on the trail…

Yesterday, I spent six hours on the Rubicon and surrounding trails. It was awesome.

It started with cleaning up my newly adopted campsite on the west end of Miller Lake. Just some general cleaning: moving logs to protect little trees, spreading out the downed tree someone dropped last week so no reason (it was green) and cleaning out the fire pit.

Campsite before, the trees were unprotected and the drive through parking was too wide:


Campsite after, the logs were moved to protect the trees:


There are many more campsite and “short trails” to adopt within the TNF. Please let me know if you are interested in stepping up and adopting one or more.

Also along the trail, I removed the one piece of graffiti that has been visible for years:


It still needs work. I’ll hit it again the next time I’m out.


This is just one of many trees I cut that were across of hindering travel on our OHV trails. This particular one was up 003-004-12, the west Ellis Peak Trail.


I cleared this one and drove up quite a bit more but stopped at a very long snow drift. Being a single vehicle and single occupant, I didn’t want to press my luck.


I headed up Barker Pass Road (FS 003-004) but again had to turn back when I encountered a long snow drift. So, there are still places to challenge yourself with snow wheeling out there. Remember, if you head up 003-004, the gates at the bottom do not open until May 31st. That’s the Sunday after Memorial Weekend.

Go prepared and Tread Lightly!

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