Adopt-A-Campsite is official!

Last week I stopped by the Truckee District office of the Tahoe National Forest (TNF) to meet with Susanne Jensen, the OHV Recreation Specialist. I was going to discuss the status of the campsites I was trying to get adopted and a few of the side trails off the Rubicon. She presented me with the finalized paperwork making the Adopt-A-Campsite program official.

Susanne asked me to be the liaison for any club/group/business/individual wanting to Adopt-A-Campsite. So far we have four camps adopted. Observation is still available. There are many camps off the side trails off the Rubicon. I’m currently working to get them added to my ‘Rubicon Area OHV Trails’ map. These are off the beaten path and very quite places to spend a night.

Please contact me if you are interested in an adoption. It a very small commitment. Currently the TNF is asking for a minimum of two visits a season to clean and maintain the area.

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