CA State Parks offers license plate

I was checking out the CA State Parks website before heading to the OHV workshop tomorrow outside of Sacramento and found that the CA DMV is offering a new specialized plate for the CA State Parks.


There are a details on the CA State Parks home page:

CA State Parks home page

CA State Parks is THE main source of funding for our OHV trails. Every year our forests and counties receive hundreds of thousands of dollars for our OHV trails, law enforcement and management.

CA State Parks OHV page

Now we all know that the government is not the best when is comes to efficient use of funds. So, no, not all of the cost of the plate will be used to fund our parks. But some of the money will find its way to the parks budget.

So, show your support of our public lands, specifically one of our good partners who continues to fund our sport. Buy a plate.






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