My input to the LTBMU

So, I sent in my comments about what I think the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit (LTBMU) needs to do regarding OHV management. It was ten pages long!

It covered a gamut of topics and suggestions from specific on the ground projects to how to better mange the operation including better (two way) communications.

We as users and volunteers need to speak up. If we fail to give input on how we want OHV managed, the Forest Service (FS) will do what they think is best.

Below is a list of bullet points based on the comments I submitted. There are 100’s of other points of view and suggestions that can be made. I’d love to overwhelm the FS with comments. Please send to the FS what YOU believe is important regarding OHV.

Feel free to use any part of the bullet points below in order to send comments to:

Use the subject “LTBMU OHV Input”.

Remember, the LTBMU would like your comments by Jan 15th. Comments received after that will be considered but maybe for next year’s OHV season.


Bullet points for LTBMU OHV input, 2016

  • Appoint a year round, pro-OHV employee for ALL things OHV related
  • Create a contact list for OHV clubs, groups and organizations
  • Engage users, especially the volunteers, while drafting grant requests
  • Streamline the obtaining and delivery of supplies for maintain efforts
  • Reinstate all Adopt-A-Trail agreements
  • Reach out to the OHV community to encourage more clubs to partake
  • Place signage at every trailhead and intersection
  • Address the design and management of the Rubicon Trail Staging Area
    • Harden the borders
    • Re-grade and compact the parking area
    • Designate a true staging area, 20 minute parking, for vehicle preparation
    • Pour a concrete pad for assisting with vehicle preparation and repairs, 15’x20’
    • Post no-parking signs along the border and in front of the kiosk(s)
    • Protect trees w/i staging area – rocks and posts with 2×8’s
  •  Harden edges along the paved section of the Rubicon Trail
  • Designate the overflow and oversized rigs and trailers parking area
  •  Middle Fork Trail work
    • Signage
    • Fix split rail fence at the top
    • Fix down tree bypass
  •  Twin peaks
    • Sign at the entrance
    • Rock of all sizes
    • Replace for the railroad ties
  •  Single email address for all things OHV within the LTBMU
  •  Create Recreational Opportunity Guide (ROG) for the greater Rubicon area (work with TNF and ENF to develop one ROG for all three forests)
  •  Improve the website
  •  Training
    • Paperwork
    • Tools
    • Organization
    • Trail maintenance


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