Snowgate up and working

The other day I stopped by the Tahoe entrance to the Rubicon Trail. I had no intentions of driving up the trail and when I got there, I was reminded of an agreement with Placer County.

I pulled my truck up to the wall of snow currently blocking the entrance for scale. Although the trail is open year round, the agreement is that local and county snow removal operators can dump and pile snow at the entrance to the Rubicon in order to allow only the most well equipped vehicles.


The basin received a major dumping AFTER I took these pictures. So, imagine this as a larger wall!

Come spring time, as the snow melts at the trailhead, the snow should be melting on the trail as well. The hope is that the trail will dry before the snow melts at the entrance. This doesn’t always work out but it’s better than a steel gate and seasonal closures.


Once over the ‘gate’ trail conditions mellow for a short time. There is a slight grade to the staging area and then a steeper grade out of the staging area. Both can ice over in a hurry.

Lake level temperatures are often warmer than temperatures further up the trail. So, the ‘gate’ comes and goes. There are some challenging sections during the winter on the Tahoe side.

If you go, please stay on the trail and Tread Lightly! There are many seasonal creek crossings. Use a winch and a tree strap rather than spinning your tires and trying to power your way through the trail.

It is possible to be cited for “resource damage” while driving on an open OHV trail. (I’m still looking for the actual language and code number than I know I saved somewhere.)





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