Another Day on the Rubicon

Today I worked with a group of volunteers and we took out some Placer County representatives and some employees of the firm Placer has hired to work on addressing the water crossings within Placer County. John Briggs of FOTR worked with Placer to organize the day. Don from the Tahoe Donner 4wdc was there along with Galen from the Hi-Lo’s.

The trail is very wet, many puddles along the trail. Tread Lightly! Please stay on the trail. Do not drive around snow drifts, downed trees or puddles. “Turn Around, Don’t Go Around.” Be prepared for anything.

The group was testing the equipment that will be used to GPS the Tahoe Side. They were also learning what the Rubicon Trail was all about.


This shot is looking east at the border between the Tahoe National Forest and the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit. Right at the end of all the water bars. It was the first snow we encountered on the trail.


Further up the trail, again looking east, just past Miller Lake. Sort-of deep water and snow drifts. Please keep your speed down when driving through water.


Here is the pond and the outlet, again looking east. Snow in the back ground on the trail. The log on the east side of the outlet has broken free and will need to be put back in place or replaced with boulders. It broke and was pushed out of place.


The trail up to Ellis has a snow berm at the entrance and I’m sure more snow in the shaded areas.

Rub_Ellis Peak Trail

Further up the trail there were more snow drifts but we didn’t go any further. After dropping off the ‘workers’ at the staging area, we headed but up the trail to explore the Richardson Lake Trail.




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