Signs, signs, everywhere signs

Last week I sat down with Susanne Jensen of the Truckee Ranger District of the Tahoe National Forest (TNF) to talk OHV trails for the 2016 season.

She has procured two new signs for the Rubicon Trail area.

Signs signs

The first is for Forest Road 03-04 where it meets the Rubicon. As you come in from Tahoe, Forest Road 03-04 continues straight while the Rubicon is almost a 90 degree turn to the left. Forest Road 03-04 (if you continued straight) is closed seasonally from November 5th through June 14th. With this sign, we’re trying to prevent someone from thinking they can get out that way after November 5th and get lost, stuck or run out of fuel and not have anyone driving by regularly.

The second sign is for the same intersection but to be posted for those driving the Rubicon eastbound. This is a replacement sign as the original is long gone.

Susanne assured me there is funding to continue to install carsonite signs for all the side trails in the area. That will be one of my goals this season.

Headed out on the 1st and I’ll post up with a full report on the Rubicon and the side trails.

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