“Turn Around, don’t Go Around”

So, “Turn Around, don’t Go Around” has been the unofficial motto of this website. This weekend it came in to play twice. The first time, we didn’t go around, we cleared the trail. The second time we turned around.

Traveling down to Rubicon Springs Saturday morning (10-22-16), we came up to a rather large tree across the trail.


In two different places, people who didn’t know any better or were to lazy or unequipped to deal with the situation, drove around the tree.


Unfortunately, I didn’t take the time to photo our method but a single winch line and a snatch block was all that was needed to clear the trail.


The tree will need a more permanent solution but I think it will wait until spring.


The rocks should hold the tree off the trail until we can cut it up and remove it completely from the trail.

At the bottom of Cadillac Hill, we turned on to the Long Lake Trail to check conditions. We didn’t get too far and found trees down. We cleared a few and kept going. Then we got to this:


At this point stopped driving and walked in to the campground along the river to check things out.

We had a chainsaw if we really had to go down this trail but we were planning on camping in the springs anyway.

The Hi-Lo’s will ad this to our schedule and try to get the trail cleared as soon as possible.

Did I mention the Springs…


After probably ten inches of rain in the previous week, there were puddles everywhere. Also evidence of the river rising out of the banks and moving toilets, wood and misc. debris down stream.

We camped along the slabs.


Rubicon Ronin


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