Snow in the mountains!

I checked out Barker Pass Road today. Since the road is scheduled to close (past the river) on November 1st, I was surprised to find the gate open. I started to the summit wondering how much snow there would be.

Half way up the mountain, I wondered if I’d make the summit. The ruts continued to grow until they were about 10″ deep.

It was like driving that ride at Disneyland with the curb in the middle. You were sort-of steering but it was not easy to drive off the road.


Well, I did make it to the summit and on the west side the snow had melted quite a bit. There were two other rigs up there. One couple skiing. I wish I had a second vehicle around and time to play. The side trails must have been really fun. Tie to get out the snowmobile!


The Middle Fork trail is open until the 15th. That would probably unpassable going up (too steep), and very tricky with the narrow trail and steep drop-offs, going down.

While out and about, I checked the Rubicon trailhead. Not much snow left but I’m sure as you gain altitude on the trail, the snow depth will grow as well.

Travel prepared. Figure everything will go wrong and pack to spend the night: food, shelter, warm clothes, water, space heater. sleeping bag, HAM RADIO, etc.



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